RED DOT AWARD 2019 (Honourable Mention)

Elated to receive the news early last week that our XS Family Of Toys (Patents Pending) has won an Honourable Mention for the industry-coveted Red Dot Award 2019. Established in 1955 and growing in stature since inception, this numero-uno design award is bestowed annually by Design Zentrum (Essen, Germany) as peer recognition of design excellence and innovation. Introduced initially for market-released products and services, its Design Concept discipline was introduced in 2005, its golden anniversary year, to expand this recognition (of design merit) to concepts level, well before the products/services hit the markets.

Wikipedia lists the Red Dot Award (Germany), the Good Design Award (USA) and the iF Design Award (Germany) as the three most important international product design awards today. The XS Family Of Toys is now fortunate to be awarded all three. The trilogy boosts the morale and uplifts the working spirits of the small creative team working on this innovative project.

Out of the 4,218 entries (spread over 34 product/service categories, ours being ‘childhood’) received this year from 48 countries for the Design Concept discipline, totally 267 products/services were awarded a Red Dot Award of any kind, including Honourable Mentions, by a 21-strong jury panel formed from within the international design community. Degree of innovation, Functionality, Aesthetic quality, Realisation possibility, Emotional content, Impact and Differentiation were the seven criteria applied by the jury. Prototypes of our toys family now enter the permanent collection of the Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore.

Honoured to have a small but highly switched-on creative team supporting this exciting project.

NOTE: The logo shown above for the Red Dot Award 2019 is a registered trademark owned by Design Zentrum (Essen, Germany) and/or Red Dot Singapore Pte Ltd (Singapore) that together bestow the said award.

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