Lets design

The iF Design Award 2017, the Good Design Award 2017, the European Product Design Award 2018, the Red Dot Award 2019 (Honourable Mention) and the German Design Award 2020 have been bestowed upon our XS Family Of Toys (Patents Pending) products-range made up of 1X/2X 3D Construction Toy-bricks and 3X/4X/5X/6X 3D Jigsaw Puzzles. The logos shown above for these awards/nominations are registered trademarks owned by the respective organisations bestowing the said awards/nominations. (See the 'Awards' page for details.)

Slight differences may exist between details as per different views shown here above of any given product. Slight differences may also exist between details as per rendered views of the 3D CAD model and those as per the physical sample of any given product. This is due to the continuous and ongoing improvement process for the products we design.